ScriptCam Integration for .Net: ScriptCamForDotNet Repository

Hi all,

Recently I had to take pictures from web camera in my Asp.Net page. There’s a great flash-based plugin works with jQuery, named ScriptCam. So I been dealing integration of this to my Asp.Net page.

You can see my bio above, I hate (unnecessary) postbacks. So it all works on client, faster, then I store the binary data of captured image in my Session variable. Next page I show it on Page_Load event.

You can see the working example here,
Or you can download the project from here.

That’s my first repository, I hope it becomes helpful for some fellas.

  • Nikhil

    Thanks, help me a lot.

    • Kubilay

      Great! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Sajid

    I am using Script for project. I noticed t hat it saving captured image in Browser cookies. Please tell me how can i store image in Local hard disk and save its path to database. will be waiting for your reply.