JDK 7 With Netbeans: FTP Problem With Windows Firewall

Yesterday I installed Netbeans to my Windows PC and tried to add a remote PHP project. I want to say that 1 day before, I installed same version of Netbeans to my Mac and added the remote project, there were no issues.

But yesterday, I was unable to add remote project, no matter what I tried, it was unable to add, giving the error that there is no file on the remote folder. The connection was tested and working too.

So I tried to disable Windows Firewall and ta-dah! It worked. What confused me is that first time I opened Netbeans, it warned me that there might be issues with Windows Firewall and prompted the classic Firewall pop-up to me to either allow or block the application, and I allowed. But it still was unable to get through.

Some searches guided me that that was a problem with JDK 7 and some people downgraded to JDK 6 were able to connect FTP folder.

But I didn’t want to downgrade because it was loooking too unnecessary to me. I mean, this is JDK and Netbeans, seriously, no solutions?

Anyway, I was too sleepy to fight with firewalls or libraries at that moment, I slept. This morning, with a fresh brain, I found out that “The only difference between JDK7 and older releases is that the JDK is using IPv6 sockets when IPv6 is enabled and so IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses are used. it may be that Windows or the firewall is not configured to allow IPv6 sockets.”(1)

And there was a command that worked for some people(2). I tried, it worked for me, too.

What you have to do is open MS-DOS with administrator rights and paste this, hit enter. Probably, it will work for you, too. Hope so.

netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFTP disable

(1) Source Link
(2) Source Link